Mobile Trends with Real Implications for Responsive Web Design and Mobile Marketing

15 May Mobile Trends with Real Implications for Responsive Web Design and Mobile Marketing

If your pack of drinking buddies includes any search engine optimization “gurus” (as they’re so ridiculously fond of being called), you’ve probably been subjected to lengthy discussions about Google’s recent algorithm update designed to reward responsive website design and diatribes about widespread lack of mobile friendliness.

But just in case you don’t habitually hang out with folks obsessed with SEO, SEM, and digital marketing, then yes, back in April 2015, Google launched an update that boosted search rankings for mobile-friendly sites in mobile searches.

This alone is reason enough to promptly get your organization a fresh, professional responsive website design, especially if your site’s more than a few years old. But it’s also indicative of broader consumer trends. After all, Google is in the business of delivering exactly what internet searchers want. And they want websites that work well and look good on their mobile devices.

Here are just a few of many trends in mobile search and mobile marketing that clearly illustrate the importance of responsive web design today:

Mobile Search Is About to Overtake Computer Search

Yes, more people search the internet on their desktop or laptop than on a mobile device as of this writing. But not only is the gap rapidly closing, by all indications, the same won’t be true for long. Just look at the trends revealed by the Local Search Association’s Local Media Tracking Study from 2014:

Computer Search Trends

~ In 2012, 80% of survey respondents searched the internet on a desktop or laptop
~ In 2013, that number fell to 73%
~ In 2014, it fell again to 66%

Mobile Search Trends

~ In 2012, 25% of survey respondents searched the internet on a mobile phone or smartphone
~ In 2013, that number jumped to 34%
~ In 2014, it jumped again to 42%

Mobile Marketing Effectively Targets Buyers

The 2015 Local Search Report put out by Thrive Analytics shows that mobile marketing, which in the past hasn’t performed too impressively, is finally coming into its own. While users had long been mostly unwilling to click on advertisements on small screens, 55% now do so. But that’s not the most noteworthy statistic; 53% of these consumers follow through and make a purchase. Furthermore, 56% of these buyers said they made a purchase because the ad aligned with what they were looking for, and 50% cited an appealing offer or discount as a reason for completing the transaction.

Consumers Use Mobile Devices to Figure Out Where to Go

Local search has become the next big thing in SEO, and that’s because people are increasingly using their mobile devices while they’re out to find products, services, and businesses. According the 2015 Local Search Report, 52% of mobile internet searches for local business information are performed away from home and work. And that’s up 25% from the previous year. In other words, potential customers are actively looking for you when they’re ready to spend.

Consumers Want to Use Mobile-Friendly Websites

In 2013, Google and Nielsen performed a study finding that 59% of mobile users click through to a business website when performing a mobile search. And they strongly favor responsive websites to mobile apps; 67% of mobile phone users prefer a mobile site over an application, while 71% of tablet users have the same preference, as the 2014 Local Search Association’s Local Media Tracking Study discovered.

It’s Time for Responsive Website Design

There’s no question now that every business needs a responsive design for a mobile-friendly website. Those that don’t have one are already losing customers and clients to competitors that do. Here at MindKube, we have extensive experience developing attractive, compelling responsive sites and effective mobile marketing campaigns.

We hope you’ll take a few minutes to check out some samples of our work and read about our responsive web development and other services. We look forward to helping your organization reach more people eager to find you on their mobile devices.